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Custom Livestrong Bracelets
Custom 100% silicone wrist bands in any color you choose. Order as few as 100 pcs. Raise thousands of dollars - the easiest fundraiser you'll ever run! Order Online today - Free design services and Free samples.

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Custom Pewter Ornaments
Great for churches, schools and all groups. Your logo or building on an ornament

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C and D Distributing
Fundraising chocolate and candy bars for school, youth, community and other groups.

Earn a minimum 55% profit margin selling organic chocolate bars. 35% of profits will be used to "adopt" tropical rainforest acreage in your group's name.

Darnall Fund Raising
Fund raising candies from M&M/Mars, Hershey's, Nestle, and Lollipop Land. At least 53% profit. No minimum orders.

DMI Fundraising
Full-service fundraising products supplier and consultant. M&M Mars, Hershey, Fannie May candies and catalog sales. Up to 50% profit, free prize program, and prepack.

Falter Fund Raising
The oldest candy distributor in the State of Maryland. Dedicated to helping schools, churches and other organizations raise money through the sales of candy.

FUNd To Learn
Students receive books for candy sales. No up front investment.

Hershey Foods Corporation
Offers Hershey candy for fundraisers, tips, coupons and promotions, distributor information, and prizes for top sellers.

Jackson Candy Fundraising
All major name brand candy. 50% to 60% profits.

Lamontagne Chocolate inc
Chocolate for fund raising. Caramels, bars, chocolate covered almonds, raisins, cashews.

Maredy Candy Company
Lollipops, hard candy, gummies and other treats for schools, athletic teams, and churches. Free shipping and easy payment terms.

Ozark Delight Candy Co.
Family-owned company that offers custom packing, 40 flavors. All made in the Ozarks.

Personalized Candy Bars
Get your organization noticed and give it the recognition it deserves! Have your logo and the reason for your fundraiser printed right onto the outside candy wrapper and sealed around a delicious chocolate bar.

Pirylis Distributors
Supplying fund raising candy for little leagues, youth sports, schools, churches and other organizations. Low prices, no minimums, and liberal return policy.

Quicks Candy
Gourmet lollipops for school sporting events, band concerts, special events and pep rallies. Twenty-two assorted flavors.


Fundraising Pins
Great for teams, schools, and
more - Hunderds of designs

Silicone Bracelets
Custom silicone fundraising awareness bracelets. Just like the Livestrong bracelets.
Order as few as 100 pcs.

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