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Custom Livestrong Bracelets
Custom 100% silicone wrist bands in any color you choose. Order as few as 100 pcs. Raise thousands of dollars - the easiest fundraiser you'll ever run! Order Online today - Free design services and Free samples.

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Custom Pewter Ornaments
Great for churches, schools and all groups. Your logo or building on an ornament

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Paper recycling program designed for civic groups, schools, and large employers to raise funds through recycling.

American Clothing Recycling Co.
Your organization can make money by collecting good, re-wearable, clothing & shoes throughout your community.
Easy fund raiser program for school, church, cheerleading, clubs and other organizations

Cartridges 4 Kids (CA)
Recycling empty inkjet and laser printer cartridges and cell-phones through an online suite of programs designed to raise funds for schools and non-profit organizations.

Cartridges for Kids (US)
Recycle empty inkjet, laser, fax and copier cartridges to help protect the earth and raise funds for school programs.

Cash for Critters
Offers an exchange of empty ink jet and laser printer cartridges for cash for an organization. Includes FAQ and information about joining.

Consolidate school fundraising programs under one roof by recycling empty laser and inkjet printer cartridges and/or earn commissions by shopping online.

Fundraising Ideas for Schools and Organizations
A School Fund Raiser idea that helps not only your organization, but it also helps the environment by Recycling. Completely free to participate and provides year 'round income.

Organizations can help protect the environment and make fundraising income by collecting empty inkjet and laser cartridges.

kartridges for Kidz
Recycling ink-jet and laser cartridge fundraising program for schools.

Kash For Kids
Turn empty ink jet and laser printer cartridges into cash for your organization. No selling or investment required.

LightbulbsAmerica Fundraiser - sell bulbs to make money, save money and reduce CO2 emissions
Make money while your customers save money. These CFL light bulbs pay for themselves almost immediately in energy savings--up to a bulb--while saving up to 600 lbs of coal and almost 1 ton of CO2. Make money and do your part to help the environment.

Offers fundraising program recycling old cell phones and pagers.

ReCellular, Inc.
Cell phone recycling fundraising program for charities.

Recycle Rewards, Inc.
Participating schools collect empty laser cartridges from students, parents or any business to raise money.

Specializing in the recycling of plastic inkjet cartridges, for school fundraisers.

Recycling for Charity
Offers environmental program in USA where organizations can raise funds by collecting used cell phones and pagers.

Recycling Resource Project
Creating and providing promotional and fundraising resources for recycling.


Fundraising Pins
Great for teams, schools, and
more - Hunderds of designs

Silicone Bracelets
Custom silicone fundraising awareness bracelets. Just like the Livestrong bracelets.
Order as few as 100 pcs.

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