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Custom Livestrong Bracelets
Custom 100% silicone wrist bands in any color you choose. Order as few as 100 pcs. Raise thousands of dollars - the easiest fundraiser you'll ever run! Order Online today - Free design services and Free samples.

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Fundraising with HGP Candles
Proven Fundraiser to EASILY raise money! Choose your own selling price! High profit! Easy Program! Fast shipping! Keep your profits upfront! EXCELLENT customer service! In demand products!

Custom Pewter Ornaments
Great for churches, schools and all groups. Your logo or building on an ornament

Web pages:
Aromalight Candle Co.
Provides candles that are hand blended, colored, scented, wicked and poured.

Avia Candles
Provides schools, organizations and sporting teams with fragrant candles through a network of independent representatives nationwide.

Beech Grove Candle Co.
All natural soy candles and hand painted home accents, offers unique fundraising opportunities.

Blue Star Candles
Hand-poured candles for school, church, and athletic team fundraising. Earn at least 50% profit.

Candle Fundraisers USA
First Class fundraiser featuring 100% triple scented soy candles. Free materials, free shipping, free pre-sorting and up to 50% profit! Fun, easy and very profitable!

Chapel Creek Candle Company
Offers jar candles in a variety of fragrances.

Christ's Light Candles
Candles with inspirational Bible scripture gift cards for fund raisers for churches and schools.

Country Cat Candles
Handpoured scented candles for fundraisers.

Country Lights Candles
Soy candles for organizations to raise money.

Delight Candles
Candle fundraisers for schools, churches and other non-profits.

Ewes View
Fundraising with candles.

Forget-Me-Not Candle Company
Triple scented candles in three sizes for fundraiser projects.

Fundraising with HGP Candles
EXCELLENT customer service! Keep profits upfront! We offer VARIETY & QUALITY with our PICK YOUR PROFIT fundraiser. Affordably priced, EXEPTIONAL Candles & Candle Accessories! Body Lotions, Shower Gels & Body Sprays. You will receive FREE brochures and SHIPPING!

Go Team Fundraising
Featuring all natural soy candles, cookie dough, desserts and coffees.

Hand Made Candles, Etc.
Long burning candles, with scent throw that lasts throughout the candle. All the wax will burn.

Home & Garden Party - Eunice Carroll
Fund raising with hand poured jelly jar candles in a variety of scents. No harmful additives or lead.

Lemel Candle Factory
Fund raising with cake candles. Over 50% profit.

Light of Faith candles
We offer hand-poured, quality candles. Candles are highly scented and customizable to fit your unique taste. Wedding gowns & flowers also available.

Love That Smell Candles, LLC
Premium, triple-scented, jar candles with no up-front cost. Scripture under every lid. Free shipping and order forms.

Mrs. Candles
Premium hand poured candles including many hard to find fragrances for fundraising.


Fundraising Pins
Great for teams, schools, and
more - Hunderds of designs

Silicone Bracelets
Custom silicone fundraising awareness bracelets. Just like the Livestrong bracelets.
Order as few as 100 pcs.

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